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Mr. Dig! (1984)

Wow Mr.Dig! A game review we have wanted to write for a while – a game with it’s definitive inspiration from the arcade game called “Dig Dug” and has definitely inspired to games like Boulder Dash – After playing for a while I become as hooked to it as I once did with Dig Dug. It is amazing how these level games create an addiction in such creation of simplicity. It is always hard to review these old games.

Game Review Mr.Dig! Titlepicture - Dragon 32 - Microdeal
Title Screen

Meet MR. DIG! 
You are in control of MR. DIG! Use the right joystick to control his movements. On the screen are a number of objects that you need to know about. The first is MR. DIG! He starts out near the bottom of the screen. There are a number of groves of cherries that MR. DIG! is trying to pick. To pick a cherry, just move MR. DIG! over the top of it. There are also a few apples located randomly on the screen. You can use these to squash anything in its path. Finally, you will notice the Meanies chasing MR. DIG! around the screen. If a Meanie touches MR.  DIG!, he is dead.  You   have  three  ways  of  avoiding  the Meanies. 

  • Run away! 
  • Press the fire button on the right  joystick to th row your Power Orb at the nearest one. Be careful though – it takes a few moments to recover the Power Orb once you have thrown it. 
Game Review Mr.Dig! Level 1 - Dragon 32 - Microdeal
In Play – Level 1

The Line-Up in this Game Review

The nasty line-up – with our hero Mr.Dig! and Meanie, Miner, Maller and the Letter always giving us that extra.

 Mr.Dig! Main Characters - Dragon 32 - Microdeal

The Cover

As always we need to add the cover to this special game review of Mr.Dig!, the Microdeal covers always gives us that childish look but without lacking of that sensation of curiosity that it gives you – yes, you want to play it, and you want to have it.

Game Review Mr.Dig! Game Cover - Dragon 32 - Microdeal
Dragon 32 Cover Mr.Dig!

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Our rating

Our rating is high on this game, for a Dragon 32 game it has good graphics, even the black and white version is nice. We give it four cuthberts out of five.

Firstly we need to ask us what gives this game the high rating? And the answer is simple and is beacause of the amazing gameplay – Mr.Dig! is really one of these games you tend to play again and again. So the time spent on each level is not experienced to be to long and the new levels are all re-designed for each level you enter – also the speed on our meanies increase on the way.

And secondly it is the soundeffects as you can expect on the Dragon 32 but you need to love them in this game – the cloping sound when moving around, most similar to a horse cloping on the hard stoned streets. But who does not want to achieve a level to hear that space warping sound?

This is a Big Recommend from us for a lot of minutes of joy.

Mr.Dig! Rating - Dragon 32 - Microdeal

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