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Microbe Review

We really got a winner here. To be honest I had not expected this when choosing to write this Microbe Review. This is one of the top five Space Invader clones I’ve played – It is noticeable that it’s a masterbrain behind this game that has had no intention to make it easy for us. Even though the scenery is within your body.

Every level has its own protagonists and the patterns are so smart from your enemies so you really need the best version of you to pass through each level.

The graphics and the combinations and the different movements from the obejcts you need to shoot down are really great. There is really only two drawbacks with this game.

Firstly the thing that each time you loose a life you need to start from zero completion in the current level. I would have prefered to have it in the same state as when loosing your life – the main reason for this is that it helps you to find out how to clear the level easier.

Secondly it is the size of your ship, the proportion is to big to the falling shots from your enemies and by this making you an easy target.

This is actually one of the games I will continue to play during my quest of playing these old 8bit titles and review them for you. Enjoy.

In the Magazines

CAN humans play Simon Birrell games? If you thought Bug Bomb was fast Microbe is manic. The story goes that you’ve been blasted into an all-powerful alien’s blood-stream to eliminate its biological defences — antibodies, aminos, ribosomes, red cells and spores — from the inside. Biology ‘0’ level is no advantage.

You pack a gun in each of your crab-like claws and can not only move back and forth along the bottom of the screen, space-invader fashion, but can go up and meet the nasties head on. It’s a cross between Galaxians and Centipede, but i there are no hiding places. Really it’s a very slick and professionally designed game. The sound and visual effects are exemplary — but oh it’s fast!

Alan Pipes for Acorn User March 1984

From the Cover

A huge Alien is threatening Earth! All conventional weapons have failed (even the fabled BUG BOMBS). You are the last hope! You have created a MICROBE and blasted it into the Alien’s bloodstream. Destroy the Alien from within by using MICROBE, to eliminate its biological defences with the new bacteria you have developed.

But take care! MICROBE will be thstroyed on contact with any of the six different types of organism in the Alien’s body.

Tape Game Cover Virgin Games BBC B - Microbe
Front Cover Microbe

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Our Microbe Review Rating

This is a candidate for a full rating but due to the two drawbacks we mentioned and how they affect the gameplay we will be sufficient with giving four out of five Virgin badges to this Space Invader battle clone in your body.

Rating Microbe

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