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Dodg’em (1983)

Dodg’em Review

It is time for a new review, dodg’em review. I will break it directly for you, the game was not in my taste. A good try to be a honest it fails to reach the whole way.

Dodg’em could be defined as a Pac-Man clone but lacks the same feeling of playability that the original gives you. You are out with your racing car trying to collect dots in a maze and is you are always pursued by one car. It is easy, collect all dots before you get shocked and crushed by the other car.

Levelwize the speed increases and the number of cars pursuing you increase in the number of completion of levels.

Sorry the game is not for me, it is a simple maze, you only have one life. Yes, you heard right – only one life. I went to the extent to imagine that the dots were ducks passing the road when splashing them – and no it did not make the sensation any more exciting.

So thumbs down for this game, and in my opinion not even worth trying out.

In the Magazines

Dots & Crashes

MY FIRST reaction to Dodg’em was ‘I’ve seen this somewhere before’. Sure, enough, it is a faithful reproduction of an arcade game popular a couple of years ago. It’s simple in concept if not easy to win. The aim is to move your car around a fourlane track covering as many red dots as possible and jumping from lane to lane to do so. The computer car is also swapping lanes and trying to crash into you.

Fortunately, when you jump you cover two lanes whereas the computer car jumps only one. You can also accelerate out of danger— or into it: You have three lives before the final collision, and your score reflects the number of dots covered. Remove all the dots on one screen and you progress to the next. There are 15 screens, all presumably of the same format, except that as you progress you are confronted by up to three computer cars at once.

The game is compulsive for the mas-ochistic, but the choice of keys seems a little strange — NZ for up and down and K/L for left and right — still, I expect you get used to it. The animation is not very fast but then if it were you’d never get past the first screen. Altogether, it’s quite a nice game of its type.

Ian Rowlings in Acorn User June 1984

From the Covers

This beautiful and action filled cover design deserves a better gameplay. For BBC Micro standards it is to weak and I really believe we can expect more.

Features 15 levels of difficulty, two driving speeds and up to three computer controlled ‘jam’ cars.

From the Inlay
Tape Game Cover BBC B/A Microgame Simulations- Dodg'em

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Our Dodg’em Review rating

Our rating will not come as a surprise. Great idea, but badly implemented. A really thumbs up for the cover. But the games does not reach up to my expectations on a good gameplay. So our verdict is, one race car out of five race cars.

One out of five Race Cars.

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