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Soccer 7 – Digital Copies

Digital copies

The digital copies era – a new phenomena and the starters for digital distribution ways. To start with, this is something you will find in your collections – the standard tape with a handwritten title of the game on it and machine type.

Let us take the definition from the tape itself that is more explainable,

This product has been duplicated in-store by a sophisticated electronic process. Your copy is taken direct from an optical disk onto the highest quality tape/disk.

In the unlikely event that the product is faulty, then please raise the matter directly at the store of purchase. This does not effect your statutory rights.

From the Inlay
Tape cover for Digital Copies Cult Commdore 64 ZX Sinclair Spectrum Amstrad CPC - Soccer 7
Cover Soccer 7 Digital Copies

How do we collect these?

This is the tricky question. Should we look for a copy sold for each machine? I mean how far can we go here? I mean that every copy from a different selling point location is unique in this topic.

My suggestion is to stay with one version of each machine – but I hope that you with this article become aware of that this type of originals exist and that you need to be checking the actual cassette out to know which version you got.

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