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Tour de France (1985)

Tour de France review

One thing is for certain, I will not become Laurent Fignon in this Tour de France Review Game. It is sad to say that I have probably done my first and last stage in this years Tour de France. I had so high expectations, the title, released by Activision. This together with my total dedication to Tour the France every year.

The highest resemblence to the grand happening ever year might be the similarity of the aching legs the real riders feel with a similar sensation of cramp we have in our fingers or arms when playing (depending if you go keyboard or joystick). The steering is edgy towards the very similar roads of France. Speed and doing the curves is really not my thing.

I would have loved a more 3D sensation than a poor follow circuit that looks the same for every turn you go around – And why do we need all these French flags all over the place? I mean come on, Tour de France is probably hard to occur somewhere else. Yes, and I know same of the stages are taken place in other countries today.

The graphics are poor and the lack of sensation of new scenary makes this game quite uninteresting as a gum you have chewed before. The sound is really not giving the C64 the justice that it deserves.

So if you like to wiggle the joystick, then this is a game to add to your collection – if not – maybe not a time spender.

Remember you need a lot of patience for this game.

In the Magazines

There’s a new approach to racing with the latest release from Activision. Tour De France is a cycling game (could it be anything else one asks?) and it challenges you and up to seven other players to complete and gain record times in what must be one of the world’s most gruelling cycling races. When you first start the game you are asked to select the number of players and input their name and country. Once that is done you can select the sort of race you’d like to compete in.

Firstly there is the single stage race where you can select one stage of the race and try it. This is a good option if you want to practise a certain run or don’t want to have to bomb all the way around France. The other option is the Tour De France itself, this is the proper race taking you all the way round France in a series of stages. Once this option has been selected it’s out and out cycling to try to break those record times.

When you race you’ll find that you’re in fact the only rider, a bit of a pain if there are eight of you racing because you each have to wait your turn. Control of the bike is like a rather leisurely Decathlon, just move the joystick left and right to speed him up. Once you’ve reached a good speed it is possible to coast along, only needing to waggle the joystick occasionally.

Steering isn’t so hard either, it just takes a little while to get used to it. To move left or right round a bend you have to keep your finger on the fire but-ton and then move the joystick in the appropriate direction. This causes the bike to rotate Asteroids style. There are also gears on your bike — tapping up or down will put you in either high Or low gear and these have to be used when going up and down the many hills.

The scenery is particularly good, although the roads are a bit thin (when you start going really fast you’ll find yourself going off the road and crashing). The landscape contains all sorts of buildings, loads of people, advertising hoardings and of course the twisting road with lots of hills and corners, there are signs along the way to warn you of approaching hills but none to give warning about the corners though. The screen scrolls along with your bike in all eight directions making the game look really good to play.

After the race or practice you can have a look at the score tables to see how well you’ve all done. Also, as you’re racing you’re given your time up on screen which changes colour SO you can gauge how well you’re doing.

From ZZap 64 Magazine nr 6 – October 1985

From the covers

Take on the world’s toughest cycling event in the gruelling 16-stage circular route of the Tour de France. Pedalling hard through the scenic French countryside, you’re waved on by crowds of enthusiastic spectators-all depicted in stunning, smooth-scrolling, shaded 3D. This unique cycling program needs joystick dexterity to control direction, change gear and just to keep the bike moving.

There’s a musical accompaniment to keep up your spirits, and the lure of the coveted yellow jersey awaiting the outright winner. With a map of France, 16 full-colour national flags and incredibly realistic cyclists, Tour de France sets new graphics standards on the Commodore 64.

From the Inlay
Tape Game Cover Commodore 64 C64 Activision - Tour de France

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Our Tour de France Review rating

I love Tour de France, I watch it every summer – but this game has nothing of it. So one Gand Boucle out of five.

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