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Two versions of Joe Blade

On occasions the major labels make an upgrade on their graphical profile. This happened to the Players profile between 1987 and 1988. They have done it several times before and after this as well. But on occasions when you have a great title that lives over this change you end up finding the same game in two different versions.

The one we have spotted and give you as an example is the game Joe Blade. We do not know if more titles exist in two versions with different graphical profiles or if it is just Joe Blade that become such a good game for the Players label. But be aware of releases made in 1987 and verify if they exist in a 1988 release as well.

Tape Game Cover Commodore 64 C64 Players - Joe Blade
1987 Release

There is not really much difference between the two covers. You can find some changes in the framing and mainly the change in the logotype.

A major difference is the title that has gone from only being characters to be highlighted with a background in yellow in a red frame.

Which one do I prefer? Well, I prefer the 1987 version better. One can really love the typical Players juggler surrounding the logotype. It is perceived as a cleaner front than the 1988 cover.

I will be adding more titles that are subject for this 1987/1988.

Tape Game Cover Commodore 64 C64 Players - Joe Blade
1988 Release

Titles in two versions released 1987 and later 1988.

  1. Joe Blade
  2. ……

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